“One-Click” K8s Authentication & Secrets Management on GCP

Easy Access to Kubernetes Container Authentication & Secrets Management for Google Cloud Platform

CyberArk Conjur Open Source is now available as a Kubernetes application in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. The new offering enables organizations using CyberArk Conjur, and securely deploy enterprise applications at scale.


Key benefits of this new feature:

  • Enables centralized management of secrets used by containers running in GCP and across the enterprise
  • Automates secure delivery of secrets and strong authentication for containers running in GCP
  • Eliminates developer dependencies and vulnerabilities for secrets configured or hardcoded directly in code
  • Enables developers to implement security best practices and compliance requirements to GCP or any cloud environment
  • Allows developers to deploy with simple “One-Click” installation


Containers aren’t secure out-of-the-box, and with ever increasing popularity, it’s never been more important for to prioritize and address the security challenges that containers introduce.  Now that CyberArk Conjur is available in the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, securing applications is easier.  CyberArk Conjur introduces a simple approach to container authentication and authorization in runtime, and seamlessly provides secrets to applications.


CyberArk Conjur is easily deployed with one click to the Google Kubernetes Engine, enabling developers to secure and manage secrets – such as SSH/API keys, passwords and certificates – used by application containers. CyberArk Conjur’s integration with Kubernetes strengthens container security by leveraging Kubernetes native capabilities.  The integrated solution enables enterprises to establish a single control point to manage and rotate credentials based on policy.


Getting Started

To get started with Conjur Open Source on Kubernetes for Google Cloud Platform simply visit the GCP market place and download it directly here.


If you want to learn more about how CyberArk Conjur works with Kubernetes to secure containers, we have several informative blog posts to help you get started.  To learn in more detail how the Conjur authenticator provides a Kubernetes-native integration, read the “Kubernetes Authentication with Conjur” blog post.  Check out the CyberArk Conjur Open Source tutorial to learn the basic concepts behind Conjur.  This tutorial will teach you how to create a security policy, machine identity, and setup secrets management with Conjur Open Source.  If you get stuck, no worries, help is always available on the CyberArk Commons.