Cloud Foundry Integration Available in GitHub

We are excited to announce the release of a new integration between Conjur and Cloud Foundry (CF). Cloud Foundry users can now leverage Conjur to secure, manage, and rotate application secrets by connecting CF-deployed applications to an existing Conjur installation using the CyberArk Conjur Service Broker and CyberArk Conjur Buildpack.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Enables centralized management of secrets used by applications running in CF and across the enterprise
  • Automates secure delivery of secrets for applications running in CF
  • Eliminates developer dependencies and vulnerabilities for secrets configured or hardcoded directly in code
  • Enables developers to implement security best practices and compliance requirements to CF environments
  • Allows developers to continue deploying code with minimal disruption due to its seamless integration

This integration works with both Conjur Open Source and Conjur Enterprise Edition.

Why Use CyberArk Conjur to Secure Cloud Foundry?

CyberArk is the trusted leader in Privileged Account Security, with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies relying on our solutions to protect their most critical and high-value assets. This includes privileged accounts accessible to individual users with appropriate credentials and privileged accounts controlled by machines. CyberArk is committed to making Privileged Account Security as seamless as possible, on any platform. This integration delivers on our commitment to Privileged Account Security across any environment.

Open Source Conjur Background

On September 6th 2017, CyberArk released the source code for Conjur as part of its initiative to share and collaboratively promote best practices for Privileged Account Security and secret management in high-velocity and connected systems. CyberArk continues to demonstrate its commitment to open source by making its newest integration with Cloud Foundry immediately available to the open source community.

Getting Started

  • If you already have Conjur and Cloud Foundry installed, then install the Conjur Service Broker and try it out! Installation instructions are available in the Service Broker documentation on GitHub.
  • If you are new to Cloud Foundry and/or Conjur, work through the tutorial on using Conjur Open Source with Cloud Foundry.
  • If you are using Pivotal Cloud Foundry, we have a Beta tile available on Pivotal Network that simplifies the process of deploying the Service Broker and the Buildpack. Talk to your CyberArk account representative for Beta program details.

As you get started with this integration, please join the CyberArk Commons to speak directly with our engineers to ask questions and / or provide feedback! We would love to hear from you.